The Robot Lords

In the Dark, Breaking Bones

The Fall of Union Station

Chapter One: The Pack learns from [[Alia Crosses-Seas]] that the Union Station Sept is in trouble. The Rusted Dream Elders send them in to learn what is troubling the Caern and report back. En Route, they are attacked by a Gang of Bruja with a problem with Erik. After the fight, the sedan explodes and they come back to the Caern to lick their wounds.

Chapter Two: Dante meets back with the pack and learns of the mission. The pack goes on the Metra to the Loop. Once there, they meet a Nosferatu named Buzzsaw. They wander the umbra of Union Station until they fall down a pit and arrive at the Bone Gnawer Caern. Someone is killing Bone Gnawer kinfolk. They are asked by Bone-Larry to find out who and why.

Chapter Three: The Pack meets Anna Sings Sewer Music. They leave after [[Drink-Fucker]]’s sister is found dead. They agree to meet again on Thursday. Mike meets with a PI- Elizabeth Alterman – and disappears when the pack arrives to help. An Fomori attacks the PI and the pack kills it. The Pack then eventually returns to the Caern of Union Station. As they try to meet with people, Coyote warns of bodies underground. They find more dead kinfolk, hanging with evidence that points to Anna. Black Spirals attack the Caern. Drink-Fucker runs away. The Pack nearly dies at the hands of Alexei Balefang. [[Bone-Larry]] buys them enough time to run away. Maimed and scarred, the Pack welcomes Conrad to its number.


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