The Robot Lords

Rights of Passage

The CyberSol Problem

The Events

Chapter One: The Pack meets for the first time and are assigned to find a missing Silent Strider. They deal with Songan Eye-in-the-Umbra, Owl and Coyote to learn that CyberSol, Inc., has taken her. CyberSol Inc., which is owned by Dante’s father, Virgil O’Neil.

Chapter Two: Mike has a dream about a Black Spiral, an orgy and a single horrible phrase: “In Nomine Vermiis [In the Name of the Wyrm].” The rest of the pack learns the name of the missing Silent Strider, Alia Crosses-Seas. Erik and Dante are attacked and beaten by a pack of Black Spirals, and manage to slay one with its own Klaive.

Chapter Three: Mike learns that his father is in league with the Black Spirals also that his mother knew all along about werewolves. He returns to the Caern, and they cross reference a phone number, and manage to get a address of a CyberSol Lab in Downtown Chicago. They go to the Lab, confront Dante’s father (really a robot) and free Alia Crosses-Seas. The Pack succeeds at its Rite of Passage.


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